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[ga] Re: What list forwards to what list

> > The aliases would look like this (ignoring some details like the names of 
> > the programs used):

> > All messages would be addressed to "ga".

Yes, as long as the word "all" really means "all", including the proper
munging of Reply-to headers.  Things addressed to any other address must
be bounced.

> > ga: ga-unfiltered "|resend-and-filter ga-subscribers"
> > ga-unfiltered: "|resend-but-do-not-filter ga-unfiltered-subscribers"

I disagree with this formulation.  All filtering should be done by by
private groups/individuals using their own tools on their own machines and
using their own criteria.

Censorship should not be performed by any ICANN organ.

To help those who wish to establish private Topeka[*]s, the ga list should
accomodate the addition of names of private remailers that may or may not
impose their own filters.

Subscription to those filtered lists is not to be considered equivalent to
a subscription to the ga list proper or accord posting privileges.

This situation reminds me of the rich society snob who wants to register
to vote but who insists that he/she must not thereby be entered onto the
roles of those who are available to be called for jury duty because that
might put him/her at risk of comming in contact with the those who are of
the lesser classes.

By-the-way, the alias file entries need something that puts things into an

[*] The intent of those who are promoting censorship is not unlike that of
the people who formed the underground town of Topeka in the movie "A Boy
and His Dog."  I suspect that the side effects will be similar.