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What list forwards to what list (Re: [ga] Message from the Chair)

At 10:13 25.01.00 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:
> From a technical point of view I don't think that is -- or should be --
>the case.  If someone posts directly to the unfiltered list, it goes
>directly to the unfiltered list.   People subscribe to the filtered
>list if they want to post to the filtered list -- everything posted to
>the filtered list is automatically forwarded to the unfiltered.  What
>you are describing is that everything posted to the unfiltered list
>gets forwarded to the filtered list and the filters applied -- that
>doesn't make much sense, from a technical point of view.

As a technologist in the extreme, I can assure you that it makes sense.
The aliases would look like this (ignoring some details like the names of 
the programs used):

ga: ga-unfiltered "|resend-and-filter ga-subscribers"
ga-unfiltered: "|resend-but-do-not-filter ga-unfiltered-subscribers"

All messages would be addressed to "ga".

I don't think the mail system should even deliver mail addressed to 
ga-unfiltered; the only reason I could see for sending mail to the 
unfiltered list would be to create an appearance that the filters were 
removing messages that should not be removed.

                             Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway