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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair - Again the ill suited name calling from our fellow memger William Walsh


  Again we are plagued with the name calling from our fellow member
William Walsh.  Unfortunate and inconsiderate, not to mention
a display of false casting of aspersions....  Indeed this is a sad display

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 25-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
> >
> >> I continue to maintain my stand that the nomenclature chosen, ga@dnso.org
> >> for the filtered version of the list and ga-unfiltered @dnso for the
> >> everything submitted version contains a bias.
> >
> > As I have said before, if the primary list, the one that is used to
> > measure voice/votes/membership in the GA is censored, then I leave the GA,
> > period.
> Then with all due respect, I'd rather lose a couple members who are
> over exaggerating the point than lose the vast more who don't participate
> because of the free run the loons have of the list.
> On balance, the GA comes out ahead.
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