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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged

Joe and all,

  ROFLMAO!  Great stuff here Joe, and oh so true...  It is high
internet drama at it's best!

!Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, IDNO Bootstrap wrote:
> > Yes, and as I recall, this "Trigger Event" that Joop refers didn't have
> > anything to do with Joe Baptista (Who I don't even think was on the
> > discuss list at that time) but rather, Joop's declaration that the
> I arrived when the IDNO was giving itself a jolly round of brown
> nosing.  Those were the days when Joop nominated William X. and William at
> the time was kissing Joop's ass.  Everything was lovey dovey.
> I left shortly after William X. back stabbed Joop and just before the
> whole show came crashing down.  I'm a bit like the Devil in a few things
> especially knowing when it's time for the final act.  I always walk out
> on the final act - I find tragedy to be more entertaining when I'm not
> there, unlike the Devil.
> > democratic facade of the IDNO and it's SC was (In Joop's own words), "An
> > optical illusion".
> Much like ICANN.
> But in the end - it's all entertainment - and i like that.
> regards
> Joe


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