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[ga] Chewing on oneself

Michael Froomkin wrote:
> I agree that "individual constituency" does not necessarily equal "IDNO".
> For the record, I've not endorsed the IDNO, which based on the very
> limited attention I have been able to spare for it, seems to have behaved
> no better or worse than many other political groups deprived of a
> meaningful function (that is, having nothing better to chew on, it has
> chewed on itself).

Isn't that what has been happening on this dnso-ga mailing list?
Isn't that the function of the list: to ground out the energy of
unwanted stakeholders, so that they have no time or energy left to
oppose ICANN's illegal monopoly effectively?

The only fraud regarding the DNSO-GA mailing list is the GA itself,
because it has zero power. That has been proven by the facts that
its nominations were totally ignored in choosing the DNSO's Board
members, and that policy regarding domain names is not even passed
through the DNSO, much less the GA, before being applied by those
who control ICANN: JonesDay, Dyson, Roberts, and the corporations
they represent.

It makes no difference whatsoever by what rules this list or any
other ICANN mailing list are administered. None of these lists have
had, or ever will have, the slightest consequence on domain name
system policy. That is the truth that you and the others on this
list must face before you can become effective.

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