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Re: Re: [ga] just what work is the GA supposed to be doing?

At 12:35 17.01.00 -0500, Javier Rodriguez wrote:

>Many times, I am saying that ICANN is a new world order, is the born of the
>new era, is the begining of the new world wide goverment... the ones that want
>to hear can hear ;-)

<<<not really relevant to the subject matter at hand>>>

in my humble opinion, tryhing to make ICANN into the beginning of a new 
world wide government will seriously interfere with its ability to 
competently manage the address space and name space of the Internet.

The lessons we learn from trying to "govern" ICANN may be useful in 
building other entities of larger scope - but trying to make a world 
government from ICANN is likely to leave us without a world government 
*and* without a functioning ICANN.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway