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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

>At 19:56 17/01/00 -0800, Darrell Greenwood wrote:
>>At 5:02 PM -0800 1/17/0, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>>>Hello Darrell and other voters,
>>>After bringing up your FOR or AGAINST vote, click on the "drop your vote in
>>>the ballot box" area.
>>>That will send your vote to the server.
>>The people who browse with images off in their browser will not see
>>the "drop your vote in the ballot box" as it is an image with no Alt
>Thanks for pointing that out, Darrell.
>The solution for the moment seems to be  to turn images back on.
>Sorry if that gives any inconvenience to some.

I'm sure you are.

Have you ever used the Lynx text browser under Linux?

Try "turning images back on" in that.

Andrew P. Gardner

Never suggest to your Mother to shop on-line for a pearl necklace.