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[ga] Re: Formal Attribution of Identity for everyday email sources? Yes please

Mark and all,

  I believe the evidence is pretty much overwhelming and non-refutable
Mark, as joe has presented very nicely to the NCDNHC and the DNSO
lists for their review.

Mark Measday wrote:

Gentlemen, Kathy, Milt,

Please give some details of what you have been up to, while I was out. I understand you are searching a positive attribution of identity for an email that was sent, but repudiated by, Jeff Williams. There has been a private correspondence with Mr Baptista and Mr Williams on the subject.

What reasons are there for believing the parties concerned are telling the truth or lying? I offer the following hypothetical notes which might be useful::

(i)  Place: Wrong location
(ii) Identity: Multiple accusations , no basis of attribution
(iii) Motive: Not in my interest
(iv) Motive: Group psychological motivation
v) Result: Potentially Productive Outcome

It looks like someone has set up something to test Harald's new rules, using my, Jeff's and other identities. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I think we should have been asked perhaps. Where is the Serjeant-at-Arms to provide the appropriate jurisprudence? Mr Baptista and Mr Williams have already made intelligent private comments concerning this. I suggest that Harald be allowed to get on with it.

Kind regards,


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privileged.  If you are not the addressee of this e-mail you may not
copy, forward, disclose or otherwise use it or any part of it in any
form whatsoever.  If you have received this e-mail in error please
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"!Dr. Joe Baptista" wrote:


This is a public matter - therefore a public response is in order.

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Milton Mueller wrote:

> Thanks. I always knew Measday was a fraud, but not this type of a fraud.
> --MM

I don't know if he's a fraud, he certainly knows how to commit
fraud.  That's a given.  I think you should just approach Mark and ask him
to appologize in public.  That should serve to reduce criminal liability
in this matter.

I think I probably gave Mark the idea to forge the message.  I used this
method to bypass the censorship in the GA - and very successfully I might
add.  The only difference is in my case I did not commit wire fraud.  All
forged messages were properly identified as my own so as to ensure I did
not commit fraud by impersonation.

What Mark did is not the end of the world.  It was probably just a knee
jerk reaction which was inappropriate at best.

Joe Baptista

> !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:
> > Domain name:
> > josmarian.ch
> >
> > Holder of domain name:
> > Josmarian
> > Mark Richard Measday
> > rue Daubin 32
> > CH-1203 Genhve
> > Switzerland
> >
> > Technical contact:
> > PSINet Switzerland SA
> > DNS Technical Team
> > rte de Pri-Bois 20
> > CH-1215 Genhve
> > Switzerland
> >
> > Name servers:
> > ns1.iprolink.ch []
> > ns2.iprolink.ch []
> >
> > On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:
> >


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