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Re: Re: [ga] The noise is not reaching me...

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Javier Rodriguez wrote:

> >What you are in effect saying is:  "If people don't know enough to 
> >configure their filters, then they don't need to participate."  This 
> >is, as the saying goes "penny wise and dollar foolish".
> Sorry !
> I mean that "I" have a solution for the "noise"... but for sure that
> THERE MUST BE A GLOBAL SOLUTION... newcomers are my
> first concern... please excuse my bad english.

Why not this solution - one list - opened to all - no censorship of any
kind, and then when someone subscribes, a document from the Names Council
can be emailed back to them advising that the list has very heavy traffic
- but here is a list of people you should be filtering - and attach a

So the names council can blackball people they don't like and people
who are new subscribers can then get to decide if they will accept the
filter provided - or not.

I still think the best solution is roberts rules of order - but failing
that for now, the names council can give people options and an education
in filters.

Joe Baptista