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Re: [ga] The noise is not reaching me...

At 9:36 AM -0800 1/14/0, Kent Crispin wrote:

>Individual filtering by list members is no substitute for list rules.
>Many of the people we most want participating are both 1) the least
>likely to know how to manage filters and 2) the most likely to be turned
>away by the loud threatening behavior of thugs.  I refer to lawyers,
>policymakers, some businesspeople, not to mention the vast majority of
>newcomers to the net.  Lawyers, policymakers, and businesspeople don't
>*need* this list to communicate with ICANN -- they will find other ways
>to get their opinion heard.  The newcomers will simply get turned off
>and go away.
>What you are in effect saying is:  "If people don't know enough to
>configure their filters, then they don't need to participate."  This
>is, as the saying goes "penny wise and dollar foolish".
>Moreover, the first thing anyone interested in this forum will do is go
>look at the archives, which already are almost useless.  There isn't
>any way to filter the archives...

IMHO, these are very good points that Kent makes. Especially the
point about driving away people we want on this list.

A couple of comments, IMO some people are confusing censorship and
discipline. When an individual is disciplined by ejection from the
filtered list for breaking the list rules, it is not censorship.

The best alternative seems to be two lists, filtered and unfiltered,
with the filter rules easily available to check. I would only need
archiving of the filtered list. I leave to others to justify the need
to archive the unfiltered list, but I don't see the need and I find
some people are always too eager to expend someone else's resources.