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Re: [ga] More UDRP Proceedings

> Ok, let's explore this notion of unchallenged use.  If I get a driver's
> license, am I required to drive?  If I buy a book, can it sit on my
> bookshelf for years unread?  If I register for a fictitious business name
> in my state, must I actually employ the use of the name?  Must an attorney
> who passes the bar actually go out and get clients within a prescribed
> period?

It also works the other way. In Spain for example, a registered company
can't legally sit on the shelf, it must show activity. For most countries a
commercial pilots license requires a certain amount of hours of flight per

I think that if a certain domain is challenged, then the fact that it is not
being used is just that, a fact. It may or may not give a better idea about
the global picture of what is going on there. Case by case.

Yours, John Broomfield.