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Re: [ga] silence in RROR v. PAB


  I see that our constant companion, William Walsh is again attempting
to alter history.  That is the history of the IDNO.  As a list participant
on the IDNO mailing list, I can assure you that his stated or supposed
"Lesson" here is a good example of misinformation.  It is this sort of
misinformation that causes disruptive discussion on this or any other
list discussing these issues.

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 12-Jan-2000 Mark C. Langston wrote:
> > I will not waste my time with that chair document.  This is not worth
> > my time.
> Mark,
> A lesson perhaps from Joop's problems in his now defunct IDNO is not to take
> such a personal interest in your own proposal being the "one" proposal.
> I think there are things from your work that are interesting, and parts of it
> may end up being in whatever rules we operate under.  But too much process is
> a problem, and I think that whatever process we have here should be loose
> enough that it doesn't become the major obstacle to real work, which sometimes
> may need to be acted on in a much shorter time frame than a overly procedural
> process would permit.
> Procedure should be something that evolves out of necessity, not for the
> sake of having procedure.
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