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Re: [ga] silence in RROR v. PAB

William and all,

  Indeed disruption, if defined clearly, concisely, and agreed to by the
participants by majority vote can and should be enforced, as Joop
has previously suggested.  Unless this process is entered into and
than determined, the DNSO is likely to continue to be in a state
of ill repute.  There are many other mistakes that need to be corrected
as well before the DNSO and now ICANN can be reasonably reformed.
David Jenson, a couple of months ago outlined these quite clearly.

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 12-Jan-2000 Mark C. Langston wrote:
> > Once more, we're faced with the same old ICANN dilemma: Do we forsake
> > correctness, depth and breadth of consideration, and solid procedure
> > in order to buy haste?  Or should we, for once, sit down and actually
> > put a structure in place before we take action?
> >
> > I for one am sick of the former, and would welcome the latter.  This
> > is something that should have been done when ICANN was formed, or even
> > before; it certainly should have occurred before substantive decisions
> > were made.  Now, the only choice we have is to correct that mistake
> > now, or further delay dealing with it.  Mark my words, the time WILL
> > come when it will have to be dealt with, and the longer we delay, the
> > more difficult it becomes.
> The problem, Mark, isn't from structure, but from a structure that gives more
> ability to those who seek to disrupt to continue to do so, and tie this
> assembly up in even more procedural wrangling.
> I find your proposal sorely lacking because of this reason alone.
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