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Re: [ga] PAB rules v. RROR

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At 00:48 11.01.00 -0500, !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

>The very problem here is that we are not united.  No do we have any
>controls in place to ensure an effective community.
>Example - our current chairman.  Your voting booth indicated that Roberto
>Gato, our current GA chairman, was the last person anyone here wanted as a
>chair.  We all know he's an IBM appointed wall flower.

If you can't spell "Gaetano", that might be true.....nobody voted for "Gato".
there were 2 polls, one with 3 candidates (vote for one) and one with 6 
candidates (approve or disapprove of each).

The first one gave Roberto 3 votes, me 2 votes, Mark 2 votes. 7 in all.

The second one gave Mark Langston 6 "no opinion", me 3 "no opinion" and 3 
"approve", Roberto the same, Joe Baptista 2 "disapprove" and 4 "no opinion",
Jeff Williams 3 "disapprove" and 3 "no opinion", Hans Klein 1 "approve" and 
1 "no opinion", Peter Dengate-Thrush 2 "approve" and 4 "no opinion".

The results seem to show both a very low turnout and Roberto as the winner.

All results taken from


"pair of facts beats house of supposition"
Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway