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Re: [ga] PAB rules v. RROR

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Joop Teernstra wrote:

> Kent and all,
> The PAB is not something like the GA.
> Rules that may work for a grouping  relatively united in its purpose will
> not work for an Assembly that is as diverse as a Parliament. 

Joop - this sort of thinking really pisses me off.  Just what sort of
evidence do you have that we here in this little group called the GA are
united in any purpose.

The very problem here is that we are not united.  No do we have any
controls in place to ensure an effective community.  

Example - our current chairman.  Your voting booth indicated that Roberto
Gato, our current GA chairman, was the last person anyone here wanted as a
chair.  We all know he's an IBM appointed wall flower.

So have yourself a toke and get it together.  The idno is an utter failure
- so could you focus on getting that back up and running.  I really do
wish you would focus your efforts on fortifing the membership of the idno,
instead of wasting our time here blubber platicisims.  I think your
organizational skills - as walsh has gone out of his way to point out -
really suck, so I don't think your advice bears much value nor attention.

Joe Baptista