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Re: [ga] The Jeff Williams filter

[list of CCs deleted]

At 21:00 10.01.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
>Harald and all,
>Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> > I have investigated the filtering of messages from Jeff Williams on the
> > GA mailing list.
> > The facts seem to be as follows:
>   First of all Harald, these are not Facts, but supposition.  Can you prove
>any of these statements?  I am quite sure you cannot.  Please refrain form
>making false statements in the future.  It is bad form, and displays poor

Please read what I wrote.
When I wrote "seem to be", it is because I am reporting on the basis of 
what people have told me (secondhand evidence). I choose to believe them; 
because your mileage may vary, I do not choose to represent that as proven 

> > - In August, multiple people asked for the removal of Jeff Williams 
> from the
> >    list, because he was posting a multitude of messages, seemingly without
> >    contributing any sense to the discussion.
>   This is an opinion, not a fact, Harald.  Please site any or all of those
>messages that are not contributory in nature.  If not, than this is
>just a smear job.

It is what was reported to me.
Re "multitude": 86 messages from July 3 to August 7 are in the archives and 
are attributed to you; I don't know if that is what you mean by 
"contributory in nature".

> > - After extensive documentation of the Jeff Williams phenomenon had been
> >    sent to the list manager, Jeff Williams' ability to post to the list
> >    was removed.
>   Why was I not informed?  Who sent this "Information"?  What was it's
>nature?  Why when I ask the list admin over 15 times, was I never once
>replied to regarding this SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP?

Some of the public notes about you on the GA list were these:


There are other interesting postings available, such as 
and http://robin.fcn.net/mr99jeff.html; I do not know whether the listadmin 
was told about these or not.

> > - Three more email addresses, all suspected of being used by Jeff Williams,
> >    have also been denied posting rights.
>"Suspected" is correct.  But they obviously are not used by me.

I stand behind the word "suggested", and find no basis for the "obviously".

Aside: One aspect of the Jeff Williams phenomenon is that I have never, 
ever seen anything - not a webpage, not a news report, not a public filing, 
not a friend, no nothing - that suggests anyone's seen anything from Jeff 
Williams or the INEGroup except for email and (sometimes) a voice on the 

The world in which the INEGroup and its 95K members exists seems to me 
disconnected from the world the rest of us live in, apart from Jeff 
Williams' email account.

But the facts of Jeff Williams and the INEGroup are not relevant to the 
purposes of this mailing list, so I'm not likely to spend more time on it here.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway