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Re: Robert's rules (Re: [ga] Blockage/delay of postings)

At 00:09 06.01.00 -0800, Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > I don't believe this is appropriate for a mailing list, due to the
> > multistranded nature of mailing list discussions, but those who ask for
> > Robert's rules of order should be ready to accept the consequences.
>In WG-D we had a long discussion on Roberts Rules, a reasonable derivative
>appropriate for e-mail discussions was presented and largely (but,
>of course not universally) agreed to.

Do you have a pointer?
The official (according to www.robertsrules.com) book is 706 pages long... 
I'd expect any derived work to be considerably shorter.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway