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Re: [ga] nTLD going gTLD

Yes the ccTLD does belong to the coutnry and the people of the country.  If 
the registry manager is outside the country, as in many instances, and 
refuses to abide by the concerns, rules, laws, local standards of conduct, etc 
of the country it is pretty hard to take exception with the country for the 
mismanangment of the ccTLD as a gTLD.  The snippet of RC 1591 given 
below is a typical misquote out of context.  The paragraph in 1591 actually 
refers to the the registry manager not having delusions of ownership.  The 
country does definitely own its country code and its ccTLD. 

> >From RFC 1591:
> "Concerns about "rights" and "ownership" of domains are
>       inappropriate.  It is appropriate to be concerned about
>       "responsibilities" and "service" to the community."
> Bill Semich
> .NU Domain

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> At 03:47 PM 1/4/00 -0500, vany@sdnp.org.pa wrote:
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> > Don't you think that ccTLDs should be a National Patrimony and
> >as such, should belong to the people of such country?
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Gerald W. McClurg
Technical Advisor to the GAC Representative from Niue

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