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Re: [ga] nTLD going gTLD

Mr. Pawlo:

I think that the concern isn't the allowance of registering domains under
a ccTLD to  foreign people.  The really concern, in my opinion is having
the adminstrative and/or technical management of such ccTLD outside the
country to which such ccTLD belongs.

I understand we are in a globalized world (or at least this is the way the
economy is going).  For me, this is like black or white:  Or the scheme of
ccTLDs follows existing and as such, them should be managed
administratively and technically inside the country to which belongs, or
ccTLDs should be eliminated and become them gTLDs.  

Of course, this points of views are oposite extreme, but in my opinion
these are the only two actions that can be taken to relief this problem
of ccTLDs.

It is not fair, for example, that .MD ccTLD is being used, sold,
promoted and marketed, as gTLD for Medics and proffesional of medicine,
when this one in fact is a ccTLD, even when also is used for people 
in Moldova to identify themselves as Moldovians in Internet.

The Panama Canal have been returned to Panama some days ago, after 20
years since the sign of Torrijos-Carter treaty.
Is necessary a treaty to return the ccTLDs that are managed
(adminsitratively and/or technically) outside the country which it
belongs?  Don't you think that ccTLDs should be a National Patrimony and
as such, should belong to the people of such country?

What is the position of ICANN board and DNSO Names Council in this matter,
if there is any position?  What does about GAC?


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On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Mikael Pawlo wrote:

> Will ICANN "do anything" about the national top level domains which today
> let anyone (even non-nationals) register domain names?
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