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Re: [ga] nTLD going gTLD

If it is taken out of context, Mr McClurg, please quote the relevent sections
that support your hypothesis below.

On 05-Jan-2000 Gerald W. McClurg wrote:
> Yes the ccTLD does belong to the coutnry and the people of the country.  If 
> the registry manager is outside the country, as in many instances, and 
> refuses to abide by the concerns, rules, laws, local standards of conduct,
> etc 
> of the country it is pretty hard to take exception with the country for the 
> mismanangment of the ccTLD as a gTLD.  The snippet of RC 1591 given 
> below is a typical misquote out of context.  The paragraph in 1591 actually 
> refers to the the registry manager not having delusions of ownership.  The 
> country does definitely own its country code and its ccTLD. 
>> >From RFC 1591:
>> "Concerns about "rights" and "ownership" of domains are
>>       inappropriate.  It is appropriate to be concerned about
>>       "responsibilities" and "service" to the community."
>> Bill Semich
>> .NU Domain
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>> At 03:47 PM 1/4/00 -0500, vany@sdnp.org.pa wrote:
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>> > Don't you think that ccTLDs should be a National Patrimony and
>> >as such, should belong to the people of such country?
>>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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