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Re: [ga] nTLD going gTLD

> At 03:47 PM 1/4/00 -0500, vany@sdnp.org.pa wrote:
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> > Don't you think that ccTLDs should be a National Patrimony and
> >as such, should belong to the people of such country?
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >From RFC 1591:
> "Concerns about "rights" and "ownership" of domains are
>       inappropriate.  It is appropriate to be concerned about
>       "responsibilities" and "service" to the community."
> Bill Semich
> .NU Domain
On the one hand RFC 1591 states:
   2) Country Codes

      The IANA is not in the business of deciding what is and what is
      not a country.
      The selection of the ISO 3166 list as a basis for country code
      top-level domain names was made with the knowledge that ISO has a
      procedure for determining which entities should be and should not
      be on that list.

On the other hand we read "How to get a country name into ISO 3166-1"

    III. A request for the inclusion of a country name (or the name of 
         a dependent area) in ISO 3166-1 must originate from the national 
         government of the country or from the national standards body 
         of that country. The ISO 3166/MA rejects any request which is 
         not accompanied by a written statement from the national goverment 
         explicitly agreeing to and supporting the request. 

The problem arises when the ISO3166 code, which request originates from
the national government (and as such is a national patrimony), is not
"in service of the Country and people of such country to which it belongs".

Elisabeth Porteneuve