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Re: Re: Re: Free speech and GA (Re: [ga] Time to put...)

>This is Joe Baptista posing as Roberto Gaetano to set the record 
>on the Robert Shaw and PCCF incident.
>But first I must address Mr Gaetano and call him a liar.  Roberto you 
>a shameless liar twisting the truth to suite the perveted goals of 
>icann takeover.  Shame.

I guess I have hit a nerve.
Well, the facts are known, everybody has given his/her version, the 
history is on IFWP archives, so I assume that whoever cares can judge by
 him/herself without need for more bandwidth.

> <snip>

>Your full of shit - and you know it Roberto.

Mmmh, must have been a very sensible nerve ;>).
In my experience, this kind of language is the last resort for who is 
lacking arguments to discuss in civil terms. But at least it has the 
advantage of making it clear that it is not worthed arguing.

Anyway, variety is what makes the world so nice.

Roberto - the *real* one ?!?