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Re: RE: [ga] FYI - revised

Marty wrote:
>If there is a determination to "do something" about this, I hope that 
>discussion does not focus on the forgery aspect because I don't think 
there is
>one here (I agree with Mr Gaetano's and Mr. Meyer's views on the
>seriousness of forgery on the Internet and the damage it does to the
>integrity of a list - I just don't see it in this particular case).  

I agree with Marty, it is not serious.
It is not dangerous either (for the time being, at least), it is just 

The only serious problem I see is the fact that a lot of peoplem that 
could contribute to the GA list, have been driven away.
I am not in a position of judging whether this is the result of a 
conscious effort (probably not), but the only effect of this saga so far
 is this one.
Frankly, it is a pity, but OTOH if our willingness to attack the *real* 
issues is so weak to stop any serious discussion for events of this 
magnitude, well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, ICANN, the NC, the other SOs, everybody else is continuing on 
their path: it's just us who are losing time.