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[ga-roots] Re: Oh c'mon, Kent [was: Re: Criminalization of alt roots]

Hi Gene

On Saturday, May 05, 2001 12:34 PM (AEST), Gene Marsh wrote:

> Kent, that begs the question, are you here to discuss these issues
> seriously or to be a naysayer to anyone who does not share your
> enlightened view?

Kent has avoided responding to any of my posts whether on [ga-roots] or
[ga-tm].  If you go back and read them you will see I have raised some
serious issues.  Perhaps I am on his filters.  If so, could you please ask
Kent the following question:

I have been advised by two ICANN Board Members, and several other respected
persons, that ICANN does not have a policy in relation to *alternate* roots.

Kent himself has advocated making the *alternate roots* illegal in the
United States.  As this wouldn't work internationally and as nobody else
agrees with this policy, can Kent provide any more reasonable alternative.

The question to ask is:

    As the role of the DNSO General Assembly is to provide consensus-based
    policy input to ICANN, what should that consensus-based policy be?

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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