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Oh c'mon, Kent [was: Re: [ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots]


On  you said:
>> It has not conferred with the users nor has it paid any attention to them
>> when they have reacted.  It has conferred with its select backers and
>> made a show of offering the majority of stakeholders a voice - which it
>> doing its best to eliminate as we speak and which it ignores
>> consistently.

>You are of course speaking for the ORSC and the TLDA in the above
>paragraph.  ICANN *has* conferred with the users, and has reacted. This
>is simple fact.

Since this list is for root issues, and Leah, I'm sure, was referring to
root users, which ROOT users has ICANN conferred with?  ORSC?  PacROOT?

>>One more time.  The TLDA is a TRADE ASSOCIATION.

>Precisely.  The TLDA is a part of a bunch of people who are trying to
>use their own standards for TLD approval in place of those developed by

How can you continue to make such flippant, irresponsible statements?  What
do you know about the TLDA?  You have not been a part of any discussions on
the TLDA lists.

The point you insist on missing is that there ARE legitimate root systems in
the world aside from ICANN's.  Fortunately, they do not need, nor do they
seek, your personal stamp of approval.  Also fortunately, there are people
in and around ICANN who understand that these root systems are worthy of
serious discussion.

Kent, that begs the question, are you here to discuss these issues seriously
or to be a naysayer to anyone who does not share your enlightened view?


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