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Re: [ga-roots] New.net releases AOL compliant plug-in

I am still not confident New.Net is running a root service.

I am trying be inclusive so our consensus applies to creative solutions as 
well as those put in place to save us the headache of relying on creative 
solutions.  Also to determine if New.net would "need" to be a part of the 
TLDA to avoid collisions.  I am of the opinion ICANN should participate 
with the TLDA...

According to New.net's CEO:

"New.net does not rely on "root servers" for its system.  Rather, half of
our users access our domain names via ISPs that permanently cache the
location for the authoritative servers for our TLDs (such that the ISPs'
name servers do not need to ask the ICANN root servers for the location,
as with other TLDs).  The other half of our users access our domain
names via our client application, which merely appends ".new.net" to the
end of one of our domain names before sending the address request
through normal DNS channels to the authoritative servers for our TLDs.
Thus, technically we do not need or use a separate root server to answer
queries for New.net domain names."  - David Hernand

Please continue to try helping me understand folks, I don't like holding up 
our progress either.



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