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[ga-org] Re: [ga-roots] Annual Report: The Human Rights Network-- thanks to all who helped

This is probably very helpful for deciding the propriety of running the
dotORG as a dot non-profit.

Len Lindon wrote:

> The Human Rights Network
> http://www.site.humanrights/hrnet.html
> Second Annual Report
> 1 July 2000 -- 30 June 2001
> 1. Short review of the past year.
> 2. The current Network.
> 3. Plans for the next twelve months.
> >From July to November 2000, the ten dot com
> human rights sites were on the web with
> regular updates and new files. Popular
> sites included www.clickhumanrights.com
> www.worldcourt4humanrights.com and
> www.aboriginalcourt.com. These sites
> were set up in January 2000: see The
> First Annual Report, 01/07/99-30/06/00.
> In November a complaint was made to the
> Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
> about ICANN monopolistic practices as
> observed at the Marina del Rey meeting.
> On Wednesday 27 December 2000 five new tlds
> were announced on opennic-discuss@unrated.net
> .humanrights
> .court
> .justice
> .paytherent
> .worldcourt
> On Monday 1 January 2001 .humanrights and
> .court went into the testbed registry
> on pccf.net dns
> In late January all dot com sites were
> taken down for reworking and relaunch
> on the whole internet. Two sites in the
> .au space were retained for mirroring
> and access to the new tlds (including
> email, which is a persistent problem)--
> http://www.humanrights.com.au and
> http://www.aboriginalgenocide.com.au
> Work continued on informing groups and
> indviduals about setting up their own
> tlds-- and assisting them as required.
> Similarly, timely and practical assistance
> was provided to the DHIT Interim Trustee by
> many skilled and compassionate internet workers.
> In March 2001 .humanrights and .court were
> considered by the Federal Court of Australia
> when Dot Humanrights Interim Trust sought an
> injunction requiring ICANN, an alleged monopolist,
> to recognise and resolve non-ICANN tlds and roots.
> http://www.site.humanrights/trust.html
> On 29 May 2001 ICANN was requested by letter
> from Dot Humanrights Interim Trust to
> recognise and resolve .humanrights addresses
> and the Human Rights Root Service on the USG
> legacy root controlled by ICANN/IANA.
> On Wednesday 20 June 2001 another new tld .icann
> with a sample sld of www.yoursite.icann
> was proposed on tech@open-rsc.org, domain-policy
> @open-rsc.org, admin@tlda.org and ga-roots@dnso.org.
> As of Friday 29 June 2001, www.site.humanrights is operating
> but still lacks a reliable email solution (and thus
> also lacks a mailing list) and a dedicated tech worker.
> .court is about to operate as a tld (listed on pacroot
> with dns and base pages waiting finalisation of content
> server-- view pages at http://www.humanrights.com.au/court.html
> It is possible that .court could be self-sustaining
> because many courts could pay a small fee for slds.
> .justice is sorting out a possible collision but is
> otherwise set to go operational.
> .paytherent is ready to launch subject to finalisation
> of content server and dns
> .worldcourt pages are ready-- content server being
> finalised
> .icann is already attracting slds but end-of-financial-
> year distractions have prevented the content server and
> dns being finalised. There is also a possible collider
> tld to negotiate with (no, not ICANN, actually).
> Expressions of interest are welcomed from other groups
> and indviduals who are prepared to participate in the
> Human Rights Network and list their tlds, slds and sites.
> Launch the first Aboriginal tld .kroatungalung
> Launch the next three tlds .ngarrindjeri etc
> Launch the Aboriginal Sovereign Root Service
> and .aboriginalembassy
> Continue the process of mutual-recognition of other
> tlds/slds/networks so that Human Rights Network files
> and email are widely distributed across all intranets.
> Special focus on contacting existing online Human Rights
> groups and workers about the benefits of migrating/mirroring
> to Whole Internet addresses.
> Continue with development of ipv6 links and namespaces.
> Launch several current /files into .tlds in their own right
> -- see the list at http://www.humanrights/allsites.html
> Special focus for next two weeks on Human Rights in China
> ahead of 15 July IOC meeting on China Olympics bid.
> Launch www.humanrights.china and www.humanrights.olympics
> See further at http://www.humanrights/allsites.html
> Special focus on links with indigenous people in South America
> ahead of the September ICANN meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay.
> Launch, if requested, appropriate indigenous tlds (with email!).
> Continue to monitor Indonesian Military, Police and other
> military/police-backed violence and human rights violations
> in "West Papua", Aceh and elsewhere in the archipelago.
> Launch information-alerts as necessary.
> Launch injunction proceedings in Supreme Court of Uruguay in
> late August 2001. Launch similar proceedings for antitrust
> against ICANN in USA in September ahead of ICANN meeting
> in December in Marina del Rey, California. (Sharing
> any "control" of the internet as widely as possible).
> Urgently explore funding and other resources to upgrade
> the computers and software of the Dot Humanrights Interim
> Trust-- and some roster or other system for rotating/relieving
> the current Interim Trustee (who has been working voluntarily
> on a week-to-week basis since 1 March 2001, when the initial
> Interim Trusteeship agreement expired).
> URGENTLY get the ml for Dot Humanrights Interim Trust
> SETUP & OPERATIONAL so that public transparent and accountable
> work can continue on developing Permanent Trusts for the new tlds.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> A copy of the Financial Report can be obtained from Len Lindon,
> the current weekly Interim Trustee, info@humanrights.com.au
> --
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