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[ga-org] Outline of proposed consensus points

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:40:16 -0700, Eric Dierker wrote:
BOUNCE ga-org@dnso.org: Non-member submission from
[Eric Dierker <ERIC@HI-TEK.COM>]


Milton Mueller wrote:

> Eric:
> "Use it or lose it" is an appropriate policy in the toll-free number
> context, because there is a severe shortage of numbers
> and the capacity of the numbering plan is quite limited.
> There is no need for it anywhere in DNS, which has, for all
> practical purposes, almost limitless numbers of unique strings.

You of course are correct in a technical sense. What I was referring to was
in the marketing and broad use sense.  I am speaking in terms of
qualitativeness not quantitativeness.  If the goal of managing dotORG is to
enhance its' attractiveness and therefor increase the value to
organizations who use it, then I believe you would do well to consider my
suggestion. If not then I apologize.

Thank you,

It is only fair to point out that I work for a multimedia marketing company,
so my opinion is clearly skewed.

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