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Re: [ga-org] ORG.COOP

At 05:27 PM 6/18/2001 +0200, Marc Schneiders wrote:
>What do you think about the idea to turn .ORG into a cooperation,
>owned by the registrants? These would then elect the board that
>'rules' it. This could also function as an experiment in online
>democracy. Elections are relatively easy to organize on the basis of
>whois information already in place.

         I think that setting up .ORG as a shareholder cooperative is an 
interesting idea, but I wonder about the "ruling" of org. I suspect that 
this is related to the question we were discussing of .ORG's registration 
policy.  If .ORG is to have restrictive registration policies, then the 
notion of a shareholder cooperative is appealling because of the idea that 
this structure will allow the registry to make the right policy decisions 
for the relevant community on matters like registration policies.   On the 
other hand, if we think that .ORG should have an open registration policy, 
then there may be few important decisions involved in the "ruling" of .ORG 
-- just the unexciting work of operating an open registry.  In that case, 
the structure of the registry may be less important.  Or am I missing the 
boat here?

         [I will be off-line after Wednesday, until the beginning of July.]


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