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Re: [ga-org] ORG.COOP

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, at 00:00 [=GMT-0400], Jonathan Weinberg wrote:

> At 05:27 PM 6/18/2001 +0200, Marc Schneiders wrote:
> >What do you think about the idea to turn .ORG into a cooperation,
> >owned by the registrants? These would then elect the board that
> >'rules' it. This could also function as an experiment in online
> >democracy. Elections are relatively easy to organize on the basis of
> >whois information already in place.
>          I think that setting up .ORG as a shareholder cooperative is an 
> interesting idea, but I wonder about the "ruling" of org. I suspect that 
> this is related to the question we were discussing of .ORG's registration 
> policy.  If .ORG is to have restrictive registration policies, then the 
> notion of a shareholder cooperative is appealling because of the idea that 
> this structure will allow the registry to make the right policy decisions 
> for the relevant community on matters like registration policies.   On the 
> other hand, if we think that .ORG should have an open registration policy, 
> then there may be few important decisions involved in the "ruling" of .ORG 
> -- just the unexciting work of operating an open registry.  In that case, 
> the structure of the registry may be less important.  Or am I missing the 
> boat here?

How 'exciting' it could be, would largely depend on the space given to
the new registry. It could e.g. have a UDRP that is different from the
one for .COM.

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