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[ga-org] Re: Realism on ORG


  From the NCDNHC list:


In my opinion, the structure that emerges for .org names should take
account the TLD's purpose to fill the needs for  "other organizations
than those that intend to use a name for commerce"  - in that respect
WHoIS, and trademark issues would be viewed a little differently, as
registriar functions and ICANN's oversight.

For instance - someone else using my trademarked name to conduct
violates my trademark, yet an organization that uses a name to represent
purpose which may be other than commerce, it would not be violating the
trademark use of a commerce property rights holder in .org.

now, that may mean trademark owners would have to recognize an
like say the daughters of the american revolution which may want
www.american.org  - and their right to that site wouldn't be in conflict
with the rights of american airlines to conduct commerce. - because by
definition - the new .org is intended for those registrants other than
who fit in .com .....

as to existing holders, they should be able to keep their names. In my
opinion,   unless they have already built substantial brand equity they
probably move toward .com names if they truly intended people to type in
their name when looking for a company on the web, not an organization. -
the interim, their existing names work until they transition their
to a new name. THIS IS THE KEY - >>>  registrants own the annual rights
to a
name  <<<<<.  that's the only right that matters. IN many cases ICANN
its followers argue about everything but never talk about registrants. 
letting registrants transition out of their .org names on their schedule
ever makes the most sense.

I hope this contributes to the thought processes operating around .org.

Page Howe

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Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: Realism on ORG

> I believe that this can result in a more complex unnecessary control or
> organization among unnecessary delays and of course lot of discussion
about who
> can determine if an organization is or not non commercial...and even about
the use
> of the domain...
> Of course there is also several implications about the current .org
> holders...
> Carlos Vera Quintana
> Ecuador
> Presidente
> http://www.upadi.org
> Raul Echeberria wrote:
> > At 02:20 p.m. 18/06/01 -0400, Milton Mueller wrote:
> > >Why?
> > >
> > > >>> Raul Echeberria <raul@inia.org.uy> 06/18/01 01:42PM >>>
> > >
> > >I support a .ORG restricted for non-commercial uses.
> >
> > I support any action addressed to give more opportunities of domain
> > registration to Non Commercial organizations and/or for non commercial
> >
> > The .org TLD has an important implicit value for non commecial uses,
> > therefore, I like the idea to restrict .org for non commecial uses
> > respecting the rights of all the currents .org domain holders.
> >
> > This is my thought at this moment, but I'm open to the discussion.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Raul.
> >
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