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[ga-nominations] I nominate Joop

1a. Full name of the nominee: Joop Teernstra
1b. E-mail address of the nominee: terastra@terabytz.co.nz
2a. Full name of the nominator: Jean-François C. Morfin
2b. E-mail address of the nominator: Jefsey Morfin
2c. GA-ga subscriber, GA-announce subscriber, GA-voting registry, DNSO 
Constituency member

Joop is the voice of an idea which will become the GA with the @large 
arrival and the attitude of the NC. I do not approve the ALSC nor the NC. 
But if this is what *they* want Joop would be a good choice. I do not 
nominate WXW as he would refuse and as it would be angelism but I also take 
into consideration his positions.

Let be practical we want the GA to serve to something: Joop is the only one 
in here who has an agenda that everyone knows and that most approve. He has 
the experience, the seniority and he has been burnt by history. He is on a 
ccTLD board, has supporters and opponents enough to bring us a structure. 
Under the circumstances I suppose that a Kristy/Joop balanced ticket would 
be a real opportunity for the GA to overcome its present status.

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