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[ga-nominations] acceptance template

    1a. Full name of the nominee:  Kristy McKee
    1b. E-mail address of the nominee:  k@widgital.com
    1c. Background information about the nominee:

Kristy graduated from the University of Kansas in the spring of 1994; then 
moved to San Diego, California and spent her first year after college 
working for the United States International University in their EF School 
of English as a poetry, creative writing, and linguistics instructor to PHD 
Candidates studying English as a second language.

A year later, Kristy moved northeast to Minneapolis, Minnesota presumably 
to learn how to ice climb with long time friend Jud McKee.  They since then 
have created Widgital, "digital widgits to help your digits", on the first 
of February 1999 after the completion of the successful sale of their first 
company, Z.Net, Inc. which they began in December of 1995 where Kristy 
served as the Chief Financial Officer, Webmaster, Marketing Director, 
Technical Support and Trainer for Webmasters who used the Internet Service 
and supported Jud while he tackled the service and maintained an up-time 
which failed for only six seconds over three years.

Her work as a Consultant enables experience with a plethora of vendors 
directly involved with the Internet and Domain Name Service.  Additionally 
she is the President of Widgital and the Chief Manager of Big Toe, 
LLC.  Kristy spends time managing projects, coding, training, documenting, 
reading, skating, listing to good music, enjoying good food, and traveling.

Kristy McKee has six years of experience developing web-based business 
solutions focusing on developing technology platforms (interface designs) 
that liaise technical and non-technical people.  In December 2000, she was 
nominated for the Internet Architecture Board (www.iab.org) and the 
Internet Engineering Steering Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force 

    1d. Statement of the nominee's objectives in the role as GA 
Chair:  (including his or her views of the role of the GA and its 
relationship with the Names Council and DNSO Constituencies)

It is an honor to be considered for this position, I accept candidacy.

The General Assembly should provide the collective opinion of all groups 
involved within the DNSO.  The role of the GA's Chair is to facilitate 
creation of the combined opinion of all General Assembly 
participants.  Additionally, the GA's Chair should represent this consensus 
at all DNSO and ICANN meetings when invited to participate and be 
responsible for hosting the annual meeting of the General Assembly.

Ultimately, regardless of individual opinion, our power lies in the 
collective or democratic body which must be heard. Clarity provides focused 
representation.  Bringing documented consensus to meeting tables in a 
digital format enables referencing comments made on list quickly as they 
are viewable via the archives.  Open standards development practices would 
be used to create a navigation system for the archives to show progressing 
discussions.  Many discussions will not be resolved over one week or one 
years time, it is more important to trend discussions to empower drill down 
on positive and negative factors to better identify the real obstacles to 
consensus.  In the end, resolution is more efficient by nature of good 
process.  Therefore summaries of the various topics within the archive will 
be created and available prior to all meetings allowing constituents to see 
how they will be represented and provide ample opportunity for correction.

Thank you.


Kristy McKee

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