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Re: [ga] Names Policy Development Process

> > Todd and all assembly members,
> >
> > todd glassey wrote:
> >
> > > I still think that ICANN's biggest political and technical hurdle to
> leap is
> > > really what to do about other ROOT's.This may seem like a simple
> business
> > > question but it has far reaching ramifications that stretch throughout
> the
> > > entirety of what we know as the Internet.
> >
> >   ICANN and the other root structures have two choices really.
> > They can either work together and co-exist and still compete, or
> > they can be totally diverse.
> OK but on who's address space, and how could one bridge lookups between the
> two DNS Roots?. My take is that DNS and BIND fail this clearly but that the
> Search Engines may hold some hope if they can get their bad links cut to a
> minimum and provides regularly pruned lookup services.

We were working something called MULTI-BIND, a version of BIND that
would allow a server operator to do just that. It would even allow the selection
of a particular version of a TLD over another one. This way, a server operator
could still use the USG root by default and then add in the non-colliding contents
of another root server network, or just specific TLDs by specifying name servers
for them.

Alas, we got sidetracked onto other projects. Point is, its possible and another way
around ICANN.

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