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[ga] Non-US Actors (was "Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization")

Hi Jamie

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 11:19:46 -0500, James Love wrote:

> Since this seems to be mostly about money and authority . . .

Perhaps *only* about money and authority (if you include "security" in with

> Right now there is much dissatisfaction among non-US actors with
> the USG's sole control.

True.  But I'd ask those on this GA list to assist in specifying exactly who
these dissatisfied "non-US actors" might be.  For example among the ccTLDs,
would we include Nominet of .uk?  Or those countries which have not signed up
contracts?  Or the country code registries/registrars who are not represented
in the DNSO constituencies?  Or those ccTLDs who have no funds to pay ICANN
invoices?  Or the Europeans who don't like the lack of *whois* privacy?  Or
those who think that .eu is not a country code?  Or the multilinguals who
(a) are working on internationalised domain names or (b) do not get timely
and accurate translations?  Or international trade mark owners who want UDRP
extended to country codes?  Or international domain name owners/holders
who don't want UDRP at any price?

Identifying those who are dissatisfied might clarify some thoughts here.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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