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Re: [ga] Who wants "governance" without "representation?"

Vint, no one can argue with these goals. But I am looking towards a structure that is less dependent on the "I will know it when I
see it" style of quantification, because that tends to translate poorly into sustainable structures.

vint cerf wrote:

> not sure this is quantifiable as much as it is to feel fiduciary
> responsibility to all users of the Internet, providers, vendors of
> hardware and software, in the areas for which ICANN has policy
> responsibility. Trying to balance the wide range of interests seems
> more responsible than taking a narrow perspective based on the
> "origin" of a board seat. that does not mean to neglect the portion
> of the community from which a board seat emanates but rather to
> treat that segment with equal respect as the others.
> vint
> At 01:54 PM 3/18/2002 -0500, Dan Steinberg wrote:
> >ummmmm in the interest of developing some concepts about structure, how does one quantify and/or measure this 'holistic sense'?

Dan Steinberg

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