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Re: [ga] Who wants "governance" without "representation?"

Broader view does not mean breaching contracts and holding a corporate line even
if you know it is immoral and probably illegal.

Karl was pushed to the limit.  He will sleep well tonight he is doing the right
thing.  I will pray for his continued courage and tell my children of his
dilemma and how he acted right in a tough situation and that while we often fail
we should always remember him as an example.

Karl is obviously motivated by honour and integrity and a sense at least of what
he "should" do.

Vint and Lynn are obviously motivated by what they can do and what they can do
for their own self interests.
Do you think either of them have ever sat back and said "what do the users
want"?  No but they believe, through self dilusionment that they are doing what
is best for us without giving us a choice.  I personally do not trust benevolent


James Love wrote:

> I agree with Vint that once elected to the board, the directors should take
> the broader view.

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