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Re: [ga] FW: ALSC Press Release

At 01:27 15/03/02 -0500, Joanna Lane wrote:

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>From: Joanna Lane [mailto:jo-uk@rcn.com]
>Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 1:18 AM
>To: forum@atlargestudy.org
>Subject: ALSC Press Release
>You do realize, I suppose, that your banner headline "GO FORTH AND
>MULTIPLY!" http://www.atlargestudy.org/participation.shtml means one of two
>things on the streets of England, either "GO AND F*CK YOURSELF" or "F*UCK
>OFF". Where did it come from?

My problem is not so much with the exhortation to multiply as with what was 
omitted in the press release. The place where this multiplying is currently 
done: www.icannatlarge.com (now 565)

Why was this left out? Would a Press Release have helped it too much?

This looks too much like "we will support at large formation efforts, as 
long as they are not actually happening".

How sincere are the mouthings and pledges of support?


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