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[ga] [fwd] expired domain names

Occasionally, you get user complaints when your e-mail address is 
listed on the DNSO's home page.  I have invited this one to join the 
GA.  Should remind us that there is also some work to be done on 

From: <someone>
To: <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:12:32 -0500
Subject: expired domain names

   re: <three domains registered with NSI; expired in Nov 2001, Sep 
   2001, and June 2001>
   How can your organization allow for such arbitrary rules regarding
   domain name deletion? I have been attempting to register an expired
   domain name since JUNE?? It is a crime to allow this registar or any
   other to hold expired domain names for any period they choose? Why
   does my expired domain get deleted before someone else? Does it depend
   on "who you know"? Who is the governing body for this? If Icann cannot
   remedy this who do I contact from here? This isn't my first complaint.
   I want to be heard. How can this be ratified? Is there plans on
   changing the domain name purging rules? How long is this abuse going
   to continue? This is wrong. How do I gain access to the information
   prior to the release? There are several companies that are privy to
   this information. Why do they get advance notice? This is an area I
   have heard loud complaints about as I'm quite sure you have as well.
   Do we just keep crying on deaf ears? This is a very crooked system, Is
   your organization part of the problem or part of the solution??

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