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RE: [ga] FW: Comments Received Regarding Revised WLS Proposal

All the comments that were sent to the wls@verisign.com address after VGRS' responses to the questions were posted.
I can only assume you did not read the entire document.  There was no filtering of comments. Please note that the GA comments (Abel's comments) were included; in my opinion they were very negative; they were included in spite of the fact that no evidence of representativeness was provided.
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To: Gomes, Chuck; 'ga@dnso.org'
Subject: Re: [ga] FW: Comments Received Regarding Revised WLS Proposal

The Registrar's Constituency's Formal response to the WLS is missing.
How convenient, for it does NOT support the WLS.

Also very convenient is the absence of the the expanded discussion over whether the registry was contractually allowed to roll out and charge for this type of service.
I do not see this type of service listed in the Registry contract's appendix of "allowed" services that the registry could charge for.  Neither did anyone else.

Chuck, if you are going to publish only the feedback that is favorable to WLS, make it clear that that is what you are doing.  As usual, this is a blatantly biased posting by VeriSign.


At 02:09 AM 3/15/2002 -0500, Gomes, Chuck wrote:
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Cc: 'Stahura@enom.com'; Gomes, Chuck; 'donny@intercosmos.com'; 'jarcher@registrationtek.com'; 'gbertrand@neteka.com'
Subject: Comments Received Regarding Revised WLS Proposal

 To all respondents:

On behalf of Chuck Gomes, thanks once again for taking time to share your comments and feedback concerning the proposed Wait Listing Service (WLS).   As stated, it has been our goal to aggregate the feedback that is collected and post this for public record to the VeriSign website.  To that end, we have posted to our website the collective feedback that was submitted to VGRS, and received at wls@verisign.com as of 4:30P, March 14, 2002.  The URL where these comments regarding the revised Wait Listing Proposal may be viewed is at:   http://www.verisign-grs.com/wls.html. (under the title: "Comments on Wait List Service Proposal")


Terry Johnson
VeriSign Global Registry Services

Harold Whiting

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