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[ga] Structure: ToRs and Deadlines.

On 2002-03-14 11:50:34 -0500, Jonathan Weinberg wrote:

>Thomas and Alexander have both, without hesitation, taken on a 
>tremendous amount of work that they could easily have ducked.

Almost all of the credits and thanks from this GA (and all the 
credits and thanks I have to offer) should really go to Alexander. 
He's the one who took the yellow fever vaccination and represented 
the GA during the Accra meetings.  He did a great and very 
impressive job at that.

Anyway, I believe that this is actually not the time for any kind of 

The Evolution and Reform Committee under Alejandro Pisanty which has 
been chartered today is going to publish its proposals no later than 
May 31.  The deadline for a DNSO response is May 15.

Philip Sheppard has already posted a very first draft for the terms 
of reference for the names council's work on a response to the Lynn 
proposal, which you may wish to have a look at and comment on ASAP, 
since these ToRs will also partially determine what the GA should 
work on in the six weeks ahead.  I'm going to relay a summary of 
comments received to the NC list.

For the draft ToRs, see 
<http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc09/msg00266.html>.  The 
names council is going to vote on these during its March 22 
telephone conference, according to current planning.

Also, please bookmark <http://does-not-exist.org/ga-structure/>, and 
have an occasional look at that site.

Finally, if I understand Alexander's notes correctly (I didn't 
listen to the webcast at that point of time), the DNSO may also have 
to meet a two-week deadline (i.e., Easter holidays) concerning the 
Redemption Grace Period. This will most likely be clarified when the 
verbatim minutes are posted by ICANN.

Thomas Roessler                          http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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