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Re: [ga] Structure: ToRs and Deadlines.

Dear GA,

I also urge everyone to look at Thomas' helpful collection 
of documents at http://does-not-exist.org/ga-structure/
and the proposed terms of reference posted by Philip
Sheppard on the Names Council list:

>Proposed terms of reference for DNSO response to the paper “Case for Reform”
>Final output
>A report listing:
>- Common points of agreement
>- Individual Constituency opinion (where it differs).
>- Consensus input from GA
>Deadline May 14.
>Frame work
>- Functions of ICANN, guiding principles of those functions.
>- Structure the report by subject area (see below)
>- Response to Lynn analysis and proposed solution
>- Alternative solutions
>Subject areas
>1. Funding
>- proposal for some government funding
>- proposal to continue with present funding model
>2. Advisory bodies
>- change from a binding consensus process to advisory stakeholder consultation
>- change of 3 Supporting Organisations to 3 Policy Councils
>- merger of ASO/PSO
>- separation of ccTLD and gTLD bodies
>- proposed advisory committees (technical, government)
>- proposed standing committees (security, root server operation)
>3. Composition of managing body of the advisory bodies
>- change of 21 member Names Council to 6+5 Steering Committee of new gTLD Policy Council
>- change for other SOs
>- role of nomination committee
>4. Stakeholder participation
>- change of elected reps on NC from constituencies, to Forums with appointed representation
>- idea of additional self-appointed discussion Forums
>5. Board composition
>- increase/change in ability of new Board to make policy
>- inclusion of chairs of advisory bodies
>- inclusion of government nominees as surrogate for at-large
>- change of size of board/trustees
>- role of nominating committee.
>6. Transparency
>- ombudsman
>- public participation manager

At 14.03.2002 18:43, Thomas Roessler wrote:
>Almost all of the credits and thanks from this GA (and all the credits and thanks I have to offer) should really go to Alexander. He's the one who took the yellow fever vaccination and represented the GA during the Accra meetings.  He did a great and very impressive job at that.

Actually, it was just Polio and Hepatitis twice. ;) For help for 
and at the GA meeting, I owe thanks to a number of people -- Kevin 
Hurley and Krystal Sewell from Salzburg Seminar/Markle Foundation 
for travel support and Adam Peake for local organizing; Marilyn Cade 
for joint coordination of the Deletes/WLS session; the panel 
participants Ross Rader, Chuck Gomes, Dan Halloran, Louis Touton, 
Esther Dyson, Pindar Wong, Alan Davidson, Jeanette Hofmann and Hans 
Klein; of course Thomas for the usual excellent cooperation and for
setting up the IRC-to-web scribe system; Glen de Saint Gery 
from DNSO Secretariat, John Crain from ICANN and to the local 
organizers. Thank /you/! 

>Finally, if I understand Alexander's notes correctly (I didn't listen to the webcast at that point of time), the DNSO may also have to meet a two-week deadline (i.e., Easter holidays) concerning the Redemption Grace Period. This will most likely be clarified when the verbatim minutes are posted by ICANN.

Yes, that's correct. If the DNSO is to surprise ICANN with any
input for the technical steering group for the redemption grace 
period, it has got fourteen days.

Best -- and rather exhausted -- regards from Accra,
/// Alexander

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