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Re: [ga] White Elephant

Sotiris and all assembly members,

Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

> "William S. Lovell" wrote:
>> Sandy Harris wrote:
>> [snip]
>> > What I found seems much worse:
>> >
>> >      Don't settle for your second choice domain. Find your
>> >      first choice in our catalog of more than 2 million
>> >      pre-registered domains for sale.
>> >
>> > As I read that, they are hoarding domains in a horrendous way.
>> And the so-called Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act was
>> written precisely to allow them to do that.  They could not possibly
>> be a "cybersquatter," but what else you'd call that (given the
>> invention
>> of that atrocious term in the first place) I've no idea.
> I am of the opinion that it is in fact a malicious slander and libel.
> Aren't there laws against this sort of thing?

  Yes there is.  But as you know form your experience on this forum,
slander and libel is a common occurrence on this forum.  In addition to
such a  malicious slander and libel case would require a complaint be
Hardly worth the effort in most instances and difficult to prove should
defendant choose to answer the charges in defense of themselves.

>  But, then again, look at what the lawmakers of the day are passing
> off as law...

  Good point.

> Who/what has authority over domain names?  What is the definition of
> domain names as property?  For that matter, what is a domain name?
> It's funny... how the most glaring questions/issues can be ignored.

  To ignore them is a way of not getting them addressed within the ICANN

structure.  As you also know this too is a common practice amongst the
ICANN BoD and staff, as well as WIPO...

>  It's like the White Elephant in a Room story.  You see, we're all in
> this room, along with a great big White Elephant in the centre.  The
> beast is so large, we're all pressed up against the very walls due to
> its presence.  We have to literally squeeze around the elephant to
> cross the room...  BUT, nobody ever talks about the elephant... not
> one of us...  Well, when someone comes along and points the White
> Elephant out and asks about its presence, what will our answer be?

  We have mentioned this "White Elephant" on a number of occasions.  As
result some of us are CENSORED as a result.

> Sincerely,
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