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[ga] Re: White Elephant


Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

"William S. Lovell" wrote:

Sandy Harris wrote:


What I found seems much worse:

     Don't settle for your second choice domain. Find your
     first choice in our catalog of more than 2 million
     pre-registered domains for sale.

As I read that, they are hoarding domains in a horrendous way.

And the so-called Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act was
written precisely to allow them to do that.  They could not possibly
be a "cybersquatter," but what else you'd call that (given the invention
of that atrocious term in the first place) I've no idea.
I am of the opinion that it is in fact a malicious slander and libel.
So what was the malicious slander and libel?  What Sandy said,
what I said, or what?

Bill Lovell

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