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Re: [ga] Appendix U

This is just so much diplomatic crapp.  I can tell you at this point that I
could not be happier over the fact that my supporters chose me as an advocate
and not a milktoast chair.

I would like to say that it is important whether ICANN launches these new TLDs
but in fact it is not.  DoC has to approve them, and any approval of ICANN's
action at this point signals that the Bush administration is just fine with the
mistakes of Clinton.  And they thereby adopt any malfeasance attached thereto.
Well nicities aside, someone will lose their job if the follow down that path,
because we all know it leads to antitrust in one case and collision in the
other. Info and biz, the fact they are the first two to go only proves the
conspiratorial nature of Touton and Mick.


p.s. nothing herein is meant as hurtful to our co-chairs, they are doing great.

"babybows.com" wrote:

> I am sure that we are all appreciative of the fact that the ICANN Board has
> signaled its intent to move quickly to launch the new TLDs.

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