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Re: [ga] Suspension of Voting Rights

Jefsey, Danny and all remaining assembly members,

Jefsey Morfin wrote:

> I fully support this.
> Actually the budget of he DNSO should be funded by the iCANN and not
> the other way round. The money is paid when paying the DNs. Now, the
> Red Cross, the Secours Catholique, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama,
> the Blue Cross, the Red Crescent,  anti-Digital Dived efforts, etc..etc...
> would be denied rights because they do not ransom the people as the
> large TM owners do (I am a small TM owner and I am extremely dissatisfied
> with the way the WIPO/iCANN support my interests).
> Now we have several practical solutions;
> - [  ] a motion
> - [  ] a formal complain according to iCANN procedures
> - [x] an immediate letter to Arnold Abbott (DoC) and to the GAC Members
> - [x] a legal action
> - [  ] a rebel action which would lead to an Internet Community Association
>         for Names and Numbers.
> - [  ] others
> Before spending hours and thousands of dollars in discussions, I think
> it would be appropriate to decide what we want to do. So I propose you tick
> the action you think we should undertake and then we focus on what the
> true majority wants.
> I thank all the read only'  Members to tell us what they really want. This
> post
> should be responded by more than 10 people. Or there would be no reason
> for us to stay in here. And none of these action would be legitimate.
> Jefsey
> On 11:08 29/04/01, babybows.com said:
> >On 10 April, the Names Council decided to adopt the report of the NC Budget
> >Committee which called for the suspension of the voting rights of
> >financially delinquent constituencies after 180 days "until such time as the
> >DNSO or its agent receives all past due amounts including the varies late
> >payment fees."
> >
> >Only one constituency (the NCDNHC) did not vote in favor of this resolution.
> >One of their representatives, Milton Mueller, has argued "It is illegitimate
> >and bad policy to link budgetary matters to representation rights. DNSO is
> >supposed to be a representative body. Nothing in the ICANN by-laws or the
> >White Paper suggests that representation hinges on paying some arbitrarily
> >defined fee. Linking those two could cause ICANN serious legal and political
> >problems. (That is not an idle threat)."
> >http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc05/msg00219.html
> >
> >The current cost of participation for each of the seven DNSO Constituencies
> >is $15,371.  It is clear that this sum represents a financial difficulty for
> >one constituency, and may well represent a barrier to entry for other
> >emerging constituencies (such as the long-awaited Individual's
> >Constituency).
> >
> >At a time when ICANN projects $5,580,000 in revenues, and has readily
> >authorized $450,000 for an At Large Membership Study (ostensibly to allow
> >for enhanced community participation), I find it astounding that a decision
> >has been made to embark upon a course of action that potentially puts
> >member's voting rights in jeopardy.  Rather than choosing to ask for a
> >Bylaws amendment that might provide for expenses reasonably related to the
> >legitimate activities of the Corporation (such as DNSO administrative and
> >operational costs), punitive measures have instead been adopted.
> >
> >This is a classic case of the tyranny of the majority, and should be a
> >matter of grave concern to the membership of the General Assembly.  What is
> >at stake is the prospect that certain domain name policy issues may be voted
> >upon by a body that is no longer fully representative of the Internet
> >community (in clear violation of White Paper principles).  The General
> >Assembly should be taking a stand on this issue.
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