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Re: [ga] Reposting

Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> David,
> >
> >We risk becoming rather mickey mouse if we seek to overturn election
> >results a few weeks after the election.
> >
> It looks to me rather like Donald Duck.
> Moreover there is no chance that, first of all, a motion gets the majority
> in the GA, and secondly even less than zero chance that the NC will overturn
> *its* vote.
> One can really wonder what is the *real* purpose of that proposal...

Or, one can really wonder what is the *real* purpose of your rehashing of *real*
purposes is, Roberto...

I know everyone would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie... so why don't you?

WXW is being penalized.  Why would it seem odd that he's against the tenure of
those who penalized him?  what's the big mystery here?

Geez! Just when things were about to calm down...  Nice one Roberto.


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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