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[ga] Appeals and disruption

To All,

Many have prevailed upon me privately and on lists, that the GA is our
best hope of obtaining bottoms-up Stakeholder representation on the
policy issues concerning the internet. Many have said that I am causing
more harm than good. I do not know.  But I do know that nothing was
going to change until the status quo was challenged and challenged
hard.  I am assured that it is changing and that this latest go at it is
sincere and will result in real action.

I apologize to the list and each member, especially Mr. Corliss and Mr.
Younger, for any disruption I may have caused.  At this time both these
fine men have my full endorsement and support. I offer the same to the
NC and all members thereof.  I believe that the GA is making positive
moves toward ligitimizing all of ICANN.  With the continued support of
the members we will do things right and better in the future.

I hereby formally drop all appeals and requests or demands made
heretofor, and I thank all for their time and diligent attention to
them.  As the effected party I state that I am satisfied with all of the
outcomes and the processes used to arrive at them.

I have had no contact with any official of this assembly except on these
public lists. My about face is based on reason and not cooption.  My
agendas remain and I only modify my method of pursuing them.

Thank you to all of you for the priviledge of being a member.


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