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Re: [ga] Status Report -- Mailing Lists

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 11:19:47AM -0400, babybows.com wrote:
> As the Names Council has recently (17 March & 18 April) decommissioned five
> mailing lists (Famous Trade - Marks working group B, new gTLDs working group
> C, Business Plan and Internal Procedures working group D, Global Awareness
> and Outreach working group E, and the Review Working Group), it is
> reasonable to assume that the six new mailing lists of the General assembly
> will not impose any new financial burden upon the NC,

No, it is not reasonable to suppose that.  The lists in question had
almost all been totally idle, and there is no burden involved with idle
lists.  These new lists, if formed, are presumed to be active, and the
burden posed by a list is, roughly speaking, proportional to the
activity on the lists.  Moreover, setting up the archives and so on are
all new activities, and involve some work. 

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