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[ga] Repost: InternetStakeholders.com

(sorry if this is duplicated, but the original posting did not seem to
get through, and i think this warrants another look)


I find it disturbing that Joanna Lane was encouraged to go ahead and
create a rogue mailing list by the current Chair of the GA, particularly
as she made use of a DNSO mailing list to sign the Members of the WG
Review up for a yahoo list which has nothing to do with the DNSO per
se.  Pease consider the following message which was originally forwarded
to Jefsey Morfin, Kendall Dawson, and myself, by Joanna on April 21

on 4/20/01 6:02 PM, babybows.com at webmaster@babybows.com wrote:

> Dear Joanna,
A separate ML through InternetStakeholders.com
> strikes me as an excellent idea, as the more members of the public that are
> drawn into ICANN-related matters... so much healthier will ICANN become.
> I see an immediate role for
> InternetStakeholders.com which may well go far beyond your expectations...
> the GA needs a better-designed official website than what they currently
> have.  You and Kendall and Sotiris have the capability to create a prototype
> GA website for consideration by the whole of the GA.    If the whole of the
> GA by resolution and ratification agrees that what you have created as a GA
> prototype is appropriate to the needs of the organization, we can move
> forward to having a link placed on the ICANN site to direct traffic to the
> new GA website.  Just a thought, but lets face it... the GA portion of the
> site on www.ICANN.org really sucks.

With all due respect, Mr. Chair, what's all this about a GA website
outside ICANN?

(for those of you who were unwittingly subscribed to the yahoogroups
list entitled "DNSO Work Group Review" as listed at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wg-review ,  I urge you to compare the
message quoted above with the message apparently posted by Joanna Lane
in response to Rod Dixon's questions about whether or not the list had
been sanctioned by the NC)


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
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